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9 min read

How to Market your Mobile Health Clinic to Attract Patients in 6 Steps

Looking for the best way to market your mobile medical clinic? We’ve got you covered. Read on for the best tips on how...

8 min read

How Mobile Medical Programs are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Public health inequity called, and mobile medical programs answered. Read on to learn about how mobile medicine is...

8 min read

6 Tips For Successfully Launching a Mobile Dental Clinic

Learn actionable tips for turning your vision for a mobile dental clinic into a reality. This guide will walk you...

7 min read

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Running a Mobile Health Program

Starting a mobile medical clinic? Learn the easy way from these most common mistakes that mobile medical clinics make...

6 min read

How to Build the Right Team for Your Mobile Health Program

Your patients depend on you. With the right team, you can deliver the care that they need. Follow these tips when...

14 min read

Ultimate Guide to Fundraising for Your Mobile Healthcare Program

Looking for financial support for your mission? Gain actionable insight from a world-famous fundraiser, Marcy Heim, and...

11 min read

Ultimate Guide to Starting a Mobile Medical Program

Ready to take your healthcare mission on the road? This definitive guide will provide all of the information you need...

4 min read

The Difference in Promise and Performance - A Sham Guarantee

When I was a kid, maybe in the 3rd or 4th grade, we had one of those phones in our house with the 25' long cord. You...

4 min read

Used Mobile Medical - It's Not About The Money

This article is part of a series titled: The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Buying a Reliable Preowned Mobile Clinic.