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Single Vs. Dual Exam Room Clinics: Which One Fits Your Needs?

Single Vs. Dual Exam Room Clinics: Which One Fits Your Needs?

We have seen the increasing demand for mobile clinics in providing healthcare services to underserved communities or remote areas with limited access to medical facilities, and mobile clinics are strategically designed to bring basic care services to these areas, saving valuable lives in the process. These units can be customized to meet specific needs and cater for various clinical specialties. In this blog post, we will be comparing two types of mobile clinics- those with single exam rooms and those with double exam rooms, highlighting the unique benefits of each.


1. Space Dimension

When considering mobile clinics, it’s important to keep in mind that space is a vital factor. The single exam room clinic is the smaller of the two types and hence requires less space to move around. This type is ideal for regions with limited space to park the mobile clinic. The double exam room types offer an additional exam room and hence require more space. However, the larger space also means a more comfortable and spacious environment for both the professionals and patients, and higher throughput, allowing more patients to bes seen in a given time. For a walkthrough of each, see below:

2. Cost Implication

Mobile clinics with a single exam room are generally and predictably cheaper than their double exam room counterparts. The extra amenities provided by the double exam room simply cost more, such as another examination bed, sink, light, and privacy features. Thus, if you operate with a strict budget, you might want to go for a single exam room mobile clinic to get maximum value for your limited funds.

However, for dental clinics in particular, double exam clinics may turn out to be more value for money down the line. Because of relative cost and reimbursement levels for dental services, double exam room mobile clinics tend to deliver more for their cost. To learn more, talk to us today!


3. Patient Satisfaction

In a typical healthcare setting, one of the biggest concern for patients is time spent waiting for the doctor's examination process. One way to reduce patients' waiting time is to use the double exam rooms mobile clinics. Since the two rooms will be available, patients can flow in and out much quicker, especially during peak periods such as school health programs and vaccinations. Single exam room clinics often work best in situations where the patient population is small, and there is no rush. 


Pictured below (in order): 38 Foot Large Dual Exam, 29 Foot Large Single Exam, 24 Foot Small Single Exam

38 Isometric View Final (2)-1 (1)

29 iso final png-2-1
24 Exam with workstations no waiting Final-2-1
4. Clinic Compatibility

The two types of mobile clinics come in handy for different clinical specializations. Single exam room clinics are comfortably compatible with therapeutic areas that don’t require a lot of space, such as behavioral health and vaccinations, or for other specific types of treatment, such as women's health. They can also be used for small check-up purposes. However, examining tables and equipment can limit the uses of this type of clinic. Double exam room clinics can accommodate additional therapeutic areas such as general health wellness and, as mentioned under Cost Implications, can often have better setups for dental work.


5. Staffing Requirements

Mobile clinics often operate in a team of nurses, doctors, and other essential health care professionals. Staffing requirements differ between the two types of mobile clinics and also depend on the specialty. Single exam room mobile clinics often have lesser staffing needs as the medical personnel move from one room to another within the same vehicle. Double exam room clinics require additional staffing needs because both rooms will be in use at any given time, and will be processing more patients overall. 

Did you know that Mission Mobile Medical can help train your staff on how to drive and operate a mobile clinic, as well teach them how to teach more of your staff? Mission Mobile Academy is a two-day on-site extensive training that'll help you ensure safe and efficient missions with proven curricula and hands-on driving experience! Our team has 175+ years of experience in the specialized vehicle and RV industry and we would love to share that knowledge with you. To learn more, click here!



As our RVP of the East Region, Rett Haigler says,  "Of course, funding is important, but I always advise my clients to think of the type of service, the number of patients they hope to serve and the relative ease of navigating the terrain they're in." It's essential to weigh all the factors, not just cost, when choosing between a single and double exam room mobile clinic. Ultimately, the right mobile clinic choice is influenced by the unique healthcare needs and resources of your region or area of operation. Remember that both types of mobile clinics are essential in providing valuable healthcare services to remote areas and underserved communities, but whichever one is right for you, Mission Mobile Medical can help you execute your mission perfectly.

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