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A new mobile clinic is a BIG deal and most organizations don't start big programs alone.

They find a partner.

We looked at this industry and saw some great mobile clinic manufacturers, but no real partners.  We believe a better way to accomplish our goals is to be a good partner - one who cares not only about building world-class mobile clinics but standing with the people who use them.

We’ll walk with you through the entire process of starting a mobile health clinic – from raising funds to selecting the right vehicle, to supporting you out on the road.

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Servant Leaders

Success is… knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others. 

John C. Maxwell


Travis LeFever

President & CEO

Travis is a straight-talking, multi-industry entrepreneur with a passion for creating not just businesses, but opportunities for growth. Fueled by the power of Servant Leadership and a 20-year track record of successfully helping people and organizations reach their full potential, he started Mission Mobile Medical Group to continue serving the communities he loves. Pizza is his kryptonite.


Amanda LeFever

Vice President & CFO

Amanda is Chief Penny Pincher and Paperwork Pusher. For 15+ years, she has been a bootstrapping buccaneer, juggling work, family, and fruit snacks with ease. Her consistent track record of growing and revitalizing businesses through best practices for employee development, financing and more helps her be the driving force of our team. Escapes from the grind with fantasy novels and traveling to exotic places like Target or Chick-Fil-A.

BW laughing headshot

Brad Watson

Vice President & CRO

Brad is an entrepreneur with 20+ years of success leading and serving others – primarily in healthcare. Here at Mission Mobile, he is our very own ‘Chief Navigator of Solutions for Any-and-Every-Situation’. Driven by his own mission to play a role in improving access to care, his expertise lies in delivering exactly what the client wants from concept all the way to finance. Off the clock, you can find him hunting golf balls or spending time with his wife, three kiddos, and chocolate lab, Birdie!


Neil Rotroff

Director, Marketing & Design

Neil is the master of all things digital marketing, industrial design and generating success! With creativity, passion and careful attention to detail, he helps our clients raise up to an elevated level of function and design for their mobile medical units. He is passionate about developing innovative marketing solutions to tell our story and our clients’ stories of how we all contribute to the greater good of the world. But as a fun-loving family man, his main mission in life is to be the World’s Greatest Dad and Husband.

Mission_Mobile_Medical-3928 Jan Rock

Jan Rock

Director, Human Resources

Jan, or as we call her Mama Jan, keeps the heart and soul of Mission Mobile alive, happy and out of trouble (hence the nickname). After several years working as an executive Director of Training and HR executive for global brands, including 7-Eleven Corp, Yogurtland, and Rita’s Italian Ice, we were lucky to scoop her up to join our mission. When she’s not caring for our team, she’s front row and center rooting for her other favorite teams. Go UNC and LA Chargers!


Justin Schultz

Director, Engineering

Justin delivers exacting expertise with an artistic touch and an entertaining sense of humor. As the Chief Engineer Extraordinaire at Mission Mobile, he is skilled in finding the perfect balance between the client’s vision and the technical details. He’ll move mountains to make sure our clients get what they want, while keeping the fabrication, support, and service trains running on time. Favorite designer: Neil Rotroff

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Monica Grashuis

Director, Strategic Partnerships-Reno

Monica brings over 25 years’ experience in education and healthcare. Her “why” is the opportunity to provide better access to patients and their families, impacting quality care and improving resources in our communities.Her other passions include hanging out with her family, riding her bike on the beautiful roads and mountain trails in the Sierras, gardening (or at least attempting to), Burning Man and playing the occasional DJ set!

Donnie Wingo

Donnie Wingo

Director, Manufacturing

Few positions are as important to the success or failure of their teams as a NASCAR crew chief. If you compare it to football, this guy is the quarterback, the coach, and general manager. When it's getting heated and things are moving fast, he becomes master strategist in an environment as ever-changing as war. We're proud of the best NASCAR crew chief we know, our Director of Manufacturing, Mr. Donnie Wingo.

Laura Nederbragt Headshot-1

Laura Nederbragt

Director, Strategic Partnerships-Denver

She has made our team SO much better with her knowledge, experience and ability to build deep relationships. She has such genuine care for her clients and teammates and we are thankful for all she does. The best is yet to come!

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Joshua Chancey

Project Leader

Joshua is a combat Army veteran and recent MBA graduate who uses his 10 years of experience in marketing and custom manufacturing to keep the teams and projects at Mission Mobile running smoothly.

Aaron Reed -  Mission Mobile Headshot-0074-Edit

Aaron Reed

Master Planner

Aaron has honed his craft working in various fabrication, design and manufacturing environments, including antique lumber reclamation and restoring vintage motorcycles. With a degree in Industrial Design, he handles the intricacies of production planning with confidence and a capable, thoughtful approach.

Brad Anderson-1

Brad Anderson

Director, Client Services

From a career that began in teaching, Brad transitioned to the specialized vehicle industry, where he continued to grow his passion for leading teams and helping people. His role at Mission Mobile is to ensure every client receives the highest level of support to keep their vehicle on the road for as long as they need it.

Rett Haigler headshot-1

Rett Haigler

Director, Strategic Partnerships

With a 20-year run working with a wide range of brands across the B2B and B2C landscape, Rett brings a level of strategic marketing acumen and enthusiasm for leading others to success. He leads our marketing vertical, working closely with clients to drive meaningful results for them and their audiences.

Auguste Ruhe Headshot-1775-Edit-1

Auguste Ruhe

IT Technician

Auguste is a 10-year EMT/Rescue Diver with experience inLive Event Production where he worked as an engineer and lighting technician. He has led teams to setup events for corporate clients like 2020 Presidential Candidates, white house executives etc., they use him during campaigns or concerts that require video streaming capabilities like election coverage on TV networks' websites. He also has a amazing sense of humor that is a guaranteed goodtime when Auguste is around.

Bruce Harbin Headshot-4306

Bruce Harbin

Project Engineer

Bruce is a mechanical engineer whose experiences with machine design, documentation, and installations in multiple countries give him a unique outlook on successful communication of information. While he loves old books and movies, he also enjoys learning new things and creating better methods. He’s excited to be part of the team.

Steven Plante Headshot-4342

Steven Plante

Staff Engineer

Steven often finds himself thinking: “what is the purpose?” When asked which is more important: quality > quantity. His background consists of project engineering and emergency medicine. As an EMT, he saw the need for mobile medical care. He is excited to be a part of Mission Mobile Medical and help enable medical providers to get out in their communities! Off the clock, Steven enjoys time spent with his wife, fishing, and golf.


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