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Mobile Health Clinics 

You care for your community.

Let us do the rest.






Days Deposit to Delivery
(Q1-3 2023 Results)






Ongoing Technical
Assistance Contracts

Let us connect you with a nationwide alliance of mobile healthcare experts and grant-makers, then design and deploy a data-driven mobile health clinic specific to the care gaps in your community.

We're here to serve you well - beautiful clinics built on an easy-to-service Winnebago or Thor Industries chassis, with a network of 4,000 service centers and our own dedicated mobile technicians, support services like planning, sustainability funding assistance, staffing assistance - right down to those intake form templates.

There's no reason to go it alone - walk with fellow travelers.

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Do you Want to bring

a new mobile clinic to your community? 



New Access Points Grant

Learn how you can harness the power of the HRSA's New Access Points grant to jump-start your mobile health efforts in our featured blog post!

Click Here To Learn More About Our Other Featured Grants

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The Inside Scoop

Sure, watch the video, but you should really come visit - it just makes sense to find out who you're working with before you pick a partner.

From the Monday Values meeting to the Wednesday Huddle, you're invited to visit, dinner with our management team, tour the plant, and attend our meetings. Come see us!

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Innovation: The J-Wall

Our design philosophy is patient and provider-centered. The patented J-Wall creates the largest private exam room in mobile health clinic history.

With the J-Wall System, mobile health clinics can comfortably accommodate care team, patient and 1-2 family members, enabling you to provide culturally appropriate care in a safe setting. Patients are not cramped, and can relax while the practitioner has more room to work. Create the perfect exam room for your patients and providers.


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Using the J-Wall is a simple and seamless operation. Lightweight aluminum framing with stainless steel locking mechanisms make for a beautiful and reliable component that truly transforms the exam space.

Patients and providers love this space.




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