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Mobile Health Clinics 

When Your Community Needs You Now

(PLUS on-site service forever)







Days Deposit to Delivery
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Median Clinic Price
in 2022


Lower Carbon Footprint


Ongoing Mobile Health
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Some say...

"Mobile Clinics are really hard."

  • Equipment is expensive
  • Tons of regulation
  • No help with service or maintenance
  • Staffing is impossible, training is limited
  • Policy & procedures are complex
  • Event promotion & scheduling is tough

But we believe

"Every journey toward greatness begins with a single step."



WHat is the next step
toward mobile healthcare in
 your community? 


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standard floor plans in less than 150 days


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Sneak a Peek -

Training, testimonials, tension, & tears

Explore behind-the-scenes at Mission Mobile Medical



Patented "J-Wall" Design

Available in our dual exam clinics is the revolutionary J-Wall System. The patented design extends walls and creates the largest private exam room in mobile health clinic history. With the J-Wall System, mobile health clinics can comfortably accommodate care team, patient and 1-2 family members, enabling you to provide culturally appropriate care in a safe setting. Patients are not cramped, and can relax while the practitioner has more room to work. Create the perfect size exam room for your patients and providers.


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The patented J-Wall System is an essential component of our mobile health clinics. With the J-Wall System, we are able to provide the largest exam room available on the market and ensure that the care team and patient family has room to spare.




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