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Every state places a differing emphasis on regulating mobile services such as mobile medical (primary care, health screening, etc.), mobile dental, mobile audiology, and even mobile salons and veterinary clinics. 

Our team has compiled a comprehensive list of not only the states which regulate these services but helpful and valuable links to Dental Boards, Medical Boards, Application Permits, State Associations, Statutes, and Administrative Rules.

For example, for mobile dental units Alabama requires

  • Certificate of registration 

  • 24-hour accessIble phone number 

  • A written procedure for emergency follow‐up care 

  • Maintain written or electronic records at each location services are performed

  • Ready access to toilet facilities 

  • Maintain $1,000,000 of general liability insurances

  • Provide a post‐op patient information sheet

  • Provide handicap access via ramp or lift 

  • Maintain a sterilization system

  • Ready access to an adequate supply of potable water, including hot water 

Alabama also has Direct Access rules for dental hygienists (it requires collaboration with an on-site dentist.) States that are most restrictive regarding the supervision of dental hygienists require the on-site supervision of a dentist, many times referring to this as direct or indirect supervision. Alabama is an example of a state in which a dentist is required to provide on-site supervision whenever a dental hygienist is treating patients. In Arizona, the Board of Dental Examiners administers the Arizona Dental Practice Act and in TItle 32, Chapter 11, Article 8 there is a section on Mobile Dental Facilities & Portable Dental Units

  • 32-1299.21 Definitions

  • 32-1299.22 Mobile dental facilities; portable dental units; permits; exceptions

  • 32-1299.23 Permit application; fees; renewal; notification of changes

  • 32-1299.24 Standards of operation and practice

  • 32-1299.25 Informed consent; information for patients

  • 32-1299.26 Disciplinary actions; cessation of operation

Some states offer various handy resources and links like

The statutes explain regulated operations, for example how a mobile dental van

  • Must maintain a written or electronic record where services are performed 

  • Must obtain a mobile clinic permit 

  • Must pay an annual registration fee 

  • Must have ready access to an adequate supply of potable water

  • Must have a written procedure for follow‐up care 

  • Must have a 24-hour accessIble phone number 

  • Must provide a post‐op patient information sheet

Another Example is Indiana, where the Indiana State Board Of Dentistry administers the Dental Act, Title 828, Article 4

And if you search long enough you will find:

Which outline requirements such as:

  • Must register with the State Dental Board ($200 fee)

  • Must renew registration every other year ($100 fee)

  • Must have a written procedure for emergency follow‐up care 

  • Must maintain a written or electronic record at each location where services are performed

  • Must provide a post‐op patient information sheet 

  • Must provide handicap access via ramp or lift if providing services to disabled patients

  • Must have covered stainless steel trash cans

  • Must maintain a sterilization system

  • Must have ready access to an adequate supply of potable water, including hot water

  • Must have ready access to toilet facilities

Mobile Medical Units are less regulated, but there are certain agencies such as the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners which outline certain dos and don'ts with mobile medical units. You should review the pertinent section of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) - NRS 449.01515 – “Mobile unit defined”, and the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) - Mobile Units Regulations

We've collected some quick links to operating a Mobile Medical Clinic in Nevada from various agencies, including:

Oregon is different as well - The Oregon Medical Board administers the Statute (Rules - Chapter 847), which doesn't specifically regulate Mobile Medical Vehicles but has some rules around Mobile Tattoo studios and Mobile Cosmetology vehicles. The links to those are here: Permit Application for a Mobile Body Art Facility Practice Qualification for Mobile Cosmetology

As you can probably gather, it's a chore to find and keep up with regulations in any individual state. If you looking for information in your state, click below to download The Ultimate 50-State Guide to Mobile Dental and Mobile Medical Regulations.

Or, if we can answer any questions directly, please click here to email us.