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to Mobile Medical Clinics.

Leverage our network and resources to help you get a world-class and reasonably priced mobile medical clinic to work in your community as soon as possible. We're here to make a difference in our world, by helping you make a difference in your world.

If we take care of the mobile clinic, you can take care of the people.

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How can we help you?

mobile medical units

Need a unit For YOUR MISSION?

We are committed to delivering world-class results at an industry-leading pace.

mobile medical units

Need a warranty for LONGER THAN A YEAR?

Risk-free guarantee. We provide our clients with a 10-year warranty to ensure their mobile health program is a success.

mobile medical units


We’ll keep your mission on budget. You’ll gain a turn-key solution, ready to set up and serve, for a fraction of the price.

mobile medical units

Need a DEDICATED PARTNER to help you get started?

Don’t do it all on your own. We’ll be your expert tour guide throughout the life cycle of your mobile medical program, from vehicle service, tech support, maintenance, specialty equipment, upgrades to buyback.


Client Process

Ready to take your healthcare services on the road, but don’t know where to start? That can be stressful.

Would you like to learn more about mobile medical units for sale, or talk through finance options?

You're welcome to schedule 15 minutes with Laura, Benton, Brad, or Rett - they are happy to help and will answer all your questions.

It's our mission to remove all your stress with our simplified purchase process, speedy delivery, and nationwide sales, service and training centers.

mobile medical units

Understanding Your Mission

The first step on your journey is for us to listen and understand. Together we can arrive at the best build program, for example:


  • Your budget
  • Your delivery schedule
  • Your perfect mobile clinic
    • size & layout
    • equipment requirements
    • maintenance requirements
  • Grant funding options
mobile medical units
mobile medical units
mobile medical units

First Look

With a clear understanding of your vision and timeline, we’ll make recommendations for standardized clinics, designed by medical professionals, for your team to consider. You'll see what your mobile clinic looks like, inside and the outside, including exterior branding, and other features.

mobile medical units
mobile medical units


If you decide one of our mobile clinics supports your program timeline and budget, we make it official with a simple agreement and schedule. With that, we begin.

mobile medical units
mobile medical units

Feedback and Revision

Collaboration is key to ensuring your mobile medical unit meets your expectations! Once you’ve reviewed your first-look brief, we schedule a kick-off meeting with your design-build team. You have ample opportunity to provide feedback and choose the most important components in your clinic.

mobile medical units
mobile medical units

Fabrication and Delivery

Over the next 9-12 weeks, you’ll join us for weekly status meetings and receive progress photos to verify an on-time delivery. Your team will attend driver training and certification, and together we'll prepare for you to bring your program to life, while our service team handles all your maintenance for the life of the unit.



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No two states have the same regulations for mobile medical or dental units.

This guide has permitting requirements, agency contacts and websites, laws, links to permit applications, and more.

The Ultimate Mobile Medical Buying Guide

Buying a pre-owned mobile medical unit is a completely different journey than buying new, or buying a vehicle.

Learn what to do, and what not to do in this Buyers Guide & Inspection Checklist.


We'll get you going in the right direction