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Fast Start Consulting

Accelerate your success! 

When you work with us, our team of Mobile Healthcare experts help you tackle the planning and implementation challenge - at no cost.

Now you have a mobile clinic?


At Mission Mobile Medical, we understand the challenges our partners face. A framework of best practices can alleviate that pressure from funders and executives and ensure program success - all without wasteful spending.

Enable your team to serve underserved populations in communities more effectively using our templates and experience. With us, your team can overcome challenges and drive meaningful change with confidence.


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Meet Maria Ferraris, M.Ed.


With nearly a decade of impactful service at the University of Miami, Maria knows what it takes to reach underserved populations.

As she says, 'Look - this work is not easy. But we can not only do it, we can do it right, and I've found we do it better if we all work together!"

As with our other teammates, Maria functions as a guide, navigating planning and launch and ensuring long-term success – plus she's here to help you every step of the way.



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Meet Mykayla O'brien, MPH 


Mykayla's background is building mobile health programs in collaboration with local government.

She has a perfect mix of on the ground experience plus Public Health expertise to allow a solid working relationships with county & city government. She will support your team identifying an area(s) of focus, RFPs, developing population health interventions, and implementation.

Mykayla prioritizes meeting people where they are. She is a firm believer that mobile health clinics are the answer to achieving health equity.



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Jacki Gerchman MBA,

Director of Addiction Services


Jacki Gerchman MBA, Director of Addiction Services, guide OTP/SUD partners through the process of activating mobile OTP clinics.  

From assisting with local, state, and national compliance, to funding, to logistics - she provides the knowledge clients need to get programs launched and serving those in need.

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Welcome to Mission Mobile Medical's Fast Start Program, the gateway to achieving success in your mobile clinic program! Whether you're just beginning or looking to take your current program to the next level, our expertly curated courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively set up, manage, and operate mobile clinics. Join us now and embark on your journey to success!

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In the Mobile MAT Program Class, specific training topics that will be covered include yet are not limited to successful launch strategies, sustainability, overcoming barriers to care, safety and security, common pain points, navigating unknown waters, operational budgets, resources, and strategies that can bridge the gap in healthcare access.  

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