Mobile units often visit schools, nursing homes, and other facilities to treat fragile or medically compromised patients such as the homeless. Mission Mobile is adamant the companies we support in this effort are reputable caregivers to these vulnerable populations. The quality of the program is in its people, and we may decline to serve some clients.

A single mobile 2-3 chair dental office built on a commercial vehicle chassis can capture many of the benefits of a fixed dental clinic while eliminating the problems associated with other solutions. It solves the ergonomics concerns of portable equipment and eliminates the need for a school or assisted-living to dedicate space for an onsite clinic or to set up the portable equipment. It negates the problem of transporting children or compromised adults, as well as the cost of a site coordinator. Mobile vans can be equipped with the same dental chairs, units, lights, etc found in fixed-site dental clinics, and, through creative scheduling, could be used to serve the community when schools and facilities are closed or on holiday. The cost of one well-built, well-equipped dental van is typically less than the cost of building 3 small fixed clinics. 


Since 2006, most states have produced requirements for mobile dentistry via legislation, state dental licensing, board rules and regulations, and/or registration of mobile operations at health departments. Our mission is to provide reliable vehicles to those who are providing compassionate, comprehensive care in accordance with the spirit and letter of the regulations in a way that fosters a true winning relationship for all involved.

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