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Success Stories

LuminUltra is a biological diagnostic testing company and a global leader in testing development. They’re also one of Mission Mobile Medical’s esteemed clients for which we were able to demonstrate our full life-cycle program and partnership capabilities.

When LuminUltra approached us in August 2020 amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they were in need of immediate support in procuring reliable mobile testing laboratories. We quickly sourced 4 brand new Featherlite trailers as the platforms for the LuminUltra mobile labs and began implementation for their custom requirements, including appropriate power, refrigeration, and biosafety hoods. We also installed PCR testing equipment in a manner that offers maximum protection for this highly sensitive machinery while in transit.

In a final and critical display of our abilities, our operations team deployed a total of 4 operators (one per mobile laboratory) to not only transport the units to hotspots across the country, but provide logistic support on-site. As we forge ahead into 2021 and onwards, we’re excited to expand our partnership with LuminUltra and continue providing operations and logistics support as they progress in their mission to offer fast and accurate testing solutions.

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MedNorth is not only a full-service healthcare provider, but a team of frontline superheroes who have played a major role in their community throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For this Wilmington, North Carolina based client, the Mission Mobile team acted fast to provide a complete turn-key solution in under 30 days.

The MedNorth staff reached out to us in desperate need of a way to segregate COVID testing patients from their usual patient flow. Upon receiving their requirements, our team got right to work in securing a powered cab and chassis mobile medical clinic. We assisted in the initial setup in their parking lot and worked through several iterations of patient flows, while coordinating appropriate power supply. Mission Mobile Medical was able to provide an order of magnitude upgrade to the pre-mobile clinic setup.

Our partnership with MedNorth is a true testament to our incredibly efficient, hands-on process and has had a direct influence on our growth. In fact, a testimonial from MedNorth’s CEO is what led to our acquisition of another client in Eastern North Carolina with delivery expected in March 2021.

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Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance is a collaboration of hospitals that currently serves about one million people and has provided care to North and South Carolina for 30 years. With Mission Mobile Medical, CCHA is able to improve regional care efforts by coming directly to those who need it most.


We were able to equip Coastal Carolinas with a vehicle and the confidence necessary to succeed in their mission. After we delivered their vehicle, we spent a day with them in training to make sure they were familiarized with their vehicle and ready for launch.


Together along with Manos Unidas, a nonprofit farmworker health organization, we are able to improve healthcare access and provide valuable care to a particularly vulnerable population, migrant workers. The team is able to bypass barriers such as cost, hours of operation, and language to deliver care free of charge to a population that often gets ignored by the system.


Their hope? To expand their services and increase access to so many patients that they need more vehicles. And we’ll be ready when that happens.

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When it comes to bridging gaps in healthcare, your mission is ours. So when Southwest Community Health Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut reached out to us for a vehicle to bring accessible healthcare to the deepest corners of their community, we were ready for the challenge.

From brainstorming to launch we made sure the Southwest team had all of the tools, training, and support they needed for a successful mission. As always, our service plan certifies that we have their back with regular maintenance and in case anything goes wrong on the road.

Special thanks go out to Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, who share in our passion for community health and helped make this possible through funding with the Cares Act. We were thrilled Senator Blumenthal was able to be with us as we watched the program officially come to life at the passing of the key ceremony, and are excited to see the real-life impact that the Southwest team can bring to their community.