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Mission Mobile Medical (hereinafter “M3 Group”) intends to provides warranties on the vehicle against mechanical failures under normal use and continued maintenance by the Owner for up to 10 years.


If a component fails due to an unknown defect during the applicable warranty period M3 Group will provide a new or remanufactured component, at our sole option, and replace the defective part at no charge to the client.


Alternatively, and at its option, M3 Group will engage a local partner to perform the replacement. Except as otherwise stated herein, those are M3 Group’s exclusive obligations under this warranty for a defective part. 


M3 Group can not and will not be responsible for any direct or indirect Owner expenses such as down time, staff time, or any ancillary damage (i.e. from a water leak) beyond the component repair. Any costs beyond the component or fixture repair are not included under this warranty.


The balance of the original unit’s standard warranty, if available, will be transferred to the new Owner. This limited warranty is subject to all provisions, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the original manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is to the purchaser only, and is nontransferable.


All warranty periods begin on the date of original purchase. Coverage durations range from 1-10 years on a sliding scale (click here for the Warranty Certificate and item v. duration scale)


To maintain Warranty Coverage, Purchaser agrees to 


  • Train staff in normal and safe operations. Purchaser shall not allow abuse, improper servicing, unauthorized alteration, and/or improper operation. 

  • Maintain the unit (all components and equipment) as recommended by Manufacturer.

  • Replace wear components as recommended by the Manufacturer


Examples of Wear Components


  • Tires / Brakes

  • Belts / Cables

  • Electric Motors

  • Fuses

  • Filters


Examples of Finishes


  • Flooring

  • Cabinets 

  • Upholstery

  • Painted surfaces

  • Equipment finishes


Finishes are warranted against defects, not  normal wear and tear.


Limitations of Warranty

It is our intent to provide Mobile Medical Units fit for immediate and continued use. We make every effort to examine units and all components, and repair all obvious defects prior to transfer.  However, not every defect is obvious; there may be items requiring attention that are discovered upon return to service. This Warranty is designed to address those defects.  


However, this warranty shall not be construed as a Maintenance Agreement (available separately). It is provided as proof of merchantability and fitness of the components for the particular use or purpose, limited in duration to the period for which the limited warranty is given and applies. 


The express warranties made in this warranty are exclusive and may not be altered, enlarged, or changed by any distributor, dealer, or other person, whatsoever. 


Failure or damage as a result of floods, winds, fires, lightning, accidents, corrosive environments (except for coastal rated units in coastal environments), rust and wear, or other conditions beyond the control of M3 Group. Special, indirect, or consequential property or commercial damage of any nature whatsoever is excluded.

Dynamic PM


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Dynamic PM services are an integral part of our offering.
By taking the risk out of purchasing pre-owned specialty
vehicles designed for medical or dental missions for the
life of the program, we increase access to lower-cost
vehicles for small healthcare providers, and expand care
for vulnerable populations.

Maintaining commercial vehicles is a complex process. Service technicians
must know what they need to maintain, at the necessary intervals, and have
the proper tools and training to complete the maintenance. The technology
used in today's heavy-duty vehicles is evolving at a rapid pace. Sometimes,
there are changes in the same model year. Increasingly, small businesses are
finding it advantageous to leave the maintenance risk with the dealer so they
can focus all their efforts on their patients and the core business.

Here are the five key benefits of the Dynamic PM service:

Dynamic PM Service

Increased Uptime

Engine technology has changed rapidly during the past five to six years, and it is important that a maintenance provider stay current on those changes. Our economy of scale and our industry relationships allow us to stay current with the development of new components and technology. That means we are ready before you need us, increasing your uptime. Outsourcing maintenance can allow operators to minimize risk and uncertainties that come from pre-owned equipment. When businesses are starting, users don't always know how much maintenance will be required. Leaving it to a third party reduces the operators' risk.


Greater Access to Big Data


Big data is the combination of information from truck engines and other components as well as maintenance and service records. It is a powerful tool that maintenance technicians can utilize when diagnosing and repairing vehicles. When operators outsource maintenance, they are able to tap into knowledge gathered from all of the vehicles the provider services instead of just their own.


Because of the size of our fleet, the volume of work we do and the various manufacturers we work with, our data analysis often enables us to see trends taking place before others in the market. Data-driven preventive maintenance services improve compliance, quality and uptime.


Maintenance Partners

Current tractors can have between 700 to 1,000 fault codes just for the
transmission. No one wants to face that alone. Because commercial vehicles are increasingly complex, it is important for mobile medical and dental operators and their maintenance providers have a maintenance partner and not be concerned with vehicle uptime and diminished reliability.

Reduced Unexpected Outlays

As powertrains age, the risk of significant and unplanned repair bills increases. By outsourcing maintenance responsibility, operators leave that risk to us.

Mission Mobile Medical will not only manage any major repairs but pay for them. When faced with a $30,000 repair bill, Dynamic PM can be the
difference between being forced to throw up your hands and shut down your mobile healthcare business or simply waiting a few days for the repair to be completed.

What's more, it is crucial that vehicles receive timely software updates. The average truck requires a software update five to seven times per year. Staying current with software updates is critical for enhancing performance.

Decreased Focus on Human Resources

In today's environment, simply finding qualified repair shops can be a
challenge. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, trucking will need to recruit 67,000 new technicians by 2022 due to growth or to replace men and women currently working in the industry.

By outsourcing maintenance, operators no longer have to find and vet repair shops or retain technicians.

Buy Back Guarantee

We believe in Dynamic PM and without hesitation offer an innovative
Guaranteed Buyback Program:

If you purchase a vehicle with Dynamic PM and are not happy with it for any reason, we will buy it back.

We guarantee 100% of the vehicle cost for the 1st year, 50% of the vehicle cost for 5 years, and 25% of the vehicle cost for the entire10 year warranty period.

Buy Back Guarantee

Mission Mobile Medical offers a proven program of contract maintenance services that help you: lower operating and fuel costs, increase productivity, optimize vehicle uptime and lifecycle, and achieve important environmental goals. You can focus on your core business while we focus on maintaining your vehicle.

Part of what makes Dynamic PM so valuable is that we do not just fix what is broken; our preventive maintenance program stops problems before they ever start. In fact, we feel so strongly about the importance of preventive maintenance that we made it an integral part of our business model. We tailor preventive maintenance to the individual attributes of a vehicle – its age, condition, specifications and reliability trends – ensuring that we provide the right care at the right time, maximizing the vehicle's life.

The Penske Relationship

You will not be relying on Mission Mobile Medical technicians alone. Mission Mobile Medical leverages a contract with Penske repair centers to provide 24/7 Towing, Maintenance, and Repair Coverage. We have a contractural relationship with Penske to support your operations around the clock, across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Penske has invested in a nationwide network of maintenance facilities with personnel and top-of-the-line equipment. You can trust Penske with your truck maintenance as you use your time, energy and money where it's better served.

The Penske Nationwide Network

• More than 750 shops across the U.S., Mexico and Canada
• Over 8,000 technicians and customer service representatives
• An ASE-accredited Technician Certification Program
• 24/7 roadside assistance with over 18,000 emergency providers

The Penske Advantage:

No matter where you are, our standardized processes ensure consistent customer service at all locations. Every Penske shop will have access to the complete maintenance history of your vehicle throughout its life.

Maintenance programs at Penske shops provide:

• Reliable, skilled technicians, trained and experienced in servicing all
types of equipment at reasonable costs
• The latest diagnostic technology and tools
• Cost-effective tire and parts procurement programs
• Government compliance support
• Online access to fleet maintenance and performance metrics
• Safety and performance training for drivers
• 24/7 roadside assistance
• DPF Cleaning

Centralized Maintenance Management via Third-Party

Service Providers While Mission Mobile Medical has invested in our relationship with Penske and vehicle maintenance facilities, we realize that there are times when those technicians and facilities may not be the best option for some unique needs.

These include:

• Specialized support from the Original Equipment Manufacturer
• Specialized support from your Medical or Dental Equipment Provider

Fortunately, we have a solution for specialized equipment as well. By
leveraging our large network of qualified third-party service providers and industry relationships with all major manufacturers, Mission Mobile Medical can support your maintenance needs on any piece of equipment, anywhere and at any time. We fully manage the repair process and care for your vehicles as we do our own.

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