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Dynamic Preventative Maintenance

Keeping You On the Road

Our Promise

Take the risk… out of the equation. When you purchase your mobile medical unit through us, we offer dynamic preventative maintenance for the life of your program.

Dynamic PM Services

We’ll keep your vehicle in prime condition, so you can maximize your time on the road. Our Dynamic PM services include access to big data, maintenance technicians, third-party repair centers, a buyback guarantee and more.

Moneyback Pledge

If your team decides at any point after the purchase is complete (but prior to significant use) that your purchased vehicle is not the one for you, our team will work with you in good faith to take it back, undo the deal and return any funding.  While this isn't a blanket money-back-guarantee, we pledge to leverage our network, knowledge and experience to work with you to achieve your goals.


Mission Mobile Service

Mission Mobile Medical has created a significant network of resources throughout the country to support our service and maintenance program.  This includes mobile RV technicians, Brick and Mortar service centers and an industry first mobile service technician.  This Mission Mobile employee maintains a circuit to ensure your service priorities are our service priorities..

mobile medical vehicle maintenance


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